S1 | E13

Luke Martin


Hear more from Luke on designing gig posters for big-name bands, building friendships with other creatives, how working for cheap diminishes the work of others, his decision to leave college, prioritizing mental health, and building a freelance career. 


See more of Luke's work at suburbanavengerart.com and on Instagram at @suburban_avenger.


Stephen Willey — Influential mentor for Luke in high school, still working together to this day 

Charlie Barton — Baltimore-based screen printer Luke began working with early on in his career

GarageLand — Working artist collective for gig posters, film prints, and art prints that gave Luke one of his first gigs

Rockets are Red — Work of D.C.-based artist Jeffrey Everett who gave Luke another one of his earliest paid gigs

Rainbow Kitten Surprise — Band Luke designed posters for entire Fall tour for based on a "cold call" email he sent

Electric Factory — Venue in Philly that approached Luke about doing work for band Brand New 


Baltimore Farmers' Market and Bazaar — Weekly seasonal fair in Baltimore where you can find Luke most Sundays

Renegade Craft Fair — World's largest curated showcase of independent craft and design where Luke has shown work in NYC

Adventures in Design — Podcast and daily talk show for creatives exploring how others design happiness into their professional lives (often include advice and insights on professional practices) 

Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) — International nonprofit dedicated to prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression, which Luke designed a recent print in support of titled "A Better Sun"