Heather Day


Hear more from Heather on making the leap from full-time artist to building a sustainable career, using social media as a tool for community and collaboration, how she manages her time, work, and team in the studio, growing an online following while connecting with galleries on first moving to San Francisco, and working with large tech companies like Facebook and Google as a fine artist.


See more of Heather's work at heatherday.com and on Instagram at @heatherday


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Maryland Institute College of Art — Where Heather earned her BFA in Painting

Google Pixel — Most recent collaboration Heather finished in partnership with Google to design a series of phone cases

Henrique Oliveira — Brazilian artist Heather worked as an assistant for during an exhibition at the Smithsonian

Janus et Cie — Interior design studio Heather worked for within San Francisco’s Design Center after she first moved to San Francisco

The Wall Gallery — One of the first spaces Heather showed her work at in the Bay Area

Pt.2 Gallery (Athen B. Gallery) — Oakland based contemporary art gallery, where Heather has shown her work

Guerrero Gallery — San Francisco based contemporary art gallery

Trello — Online project management and scheduling platform Heather uses to manage her team’s schedule

Slack — Online communication platform Heather uses to communicate with her studio team

“A Year of Making Art” by Heather Day



“Two Years: Dream It or Live It” by Heather Day

“Three Years of Making Art: Uncovering Answers” by Heather Day

“Four Years as a Full-Time Artist: Follow the Wandering Line” by Heather Day

Uprise Art — Online gallery Heather began working with early in her career

Tappan Collective — Online gallery Heather began working with early in her career

Andy Dixon — Los Angeles based artist

Muzae Sesay — Bay Area based artist

Aaron Johnson — NYC based artist

“POUR” at Joshua Liner Gallery — Two-person solo show with Heather and artist Kathryn Mcnaughton in NYC

SketchUp — 3D modeling computer program

Adobe Creative Suite — Heather uses for programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign

Squarespace — Platform for creating beautiful websites

Quickbooks — Accounting software tool